Out without a device

I left my cell phone at the office and so had to travel on public transport without a distraction. On the way in I managed to score a solo seat. On the way home I had to share a trio seat with a large middle aged man “Sam” and a RMT in her 30s between us. “Sam” was grateful we made enough room for him on the seat – he showed us his swollen, ulcerated legs. He proclaimed, “I take penicillin to reduce the swelling.”

In a little brown bag next to me, sat the anointing oil and Chrism. I was returning from the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral and I sat pondering the applications of using Kaneh Bosm in the future. Perhaps I’d carry a small bottle to offer to people. So many people. So many ailments.

“Sam” said since becoming clean, getting a home and his life together, it has been very difficult to manage –  to belong and connect with people.

He is still friendly with his old crew on the streets, but couldn’t mix with them too much because there were “in very different worlds now.” Finding new friends was difficult.

Who helps the people “in between” – the people stuck in the gaps?

The middle of nowhere is a desolate place……

How can we help bring life to this forgotten, vast place?

The Holy IN BETWEEN – God is there too.


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Cannabis activist, parent & priest. Let's heal the world.

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